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ShortPoint Theme Builder


Install ShortPoint Theme Builder directly into your site

Build Any Theme On Your Existing SharePoint Sites

  • Unlimited Themes

    Design as many SharePoint themes & templates as you want. No limits to unleash your creativity.

  • Unlimited Changes

    Make the changes whenever you want and as many as you want.

  • Unlimited Sites

    There are no limitation in number of SharePoint sites you can customize.

How it works
Activate ShortPoint on your SharePoint Site

Installing ShortPoint on your SharePoint site is a couple of minutes task. ShortPoint is 100% Javascript and CSS product and the installation will just add reference to these files into your SharePoint sites. Not a single file in your environment will be changed.

  • Step 1:
    Customize Your Site

    Go to site settings – ShortPoint Dashboard and then click Customize my site. This will activate ShortPoint Theme Builder on your existing SharePoint sites. You are the only user who will see the theme builder activated on the side bar.

  • Step 2:
    Live Preview

    Start making changes using ShortPoint Theme Builder. You will see your changes instantly on your site. No deployment, installations or heavy customizations. Do worry if anything goes wrong, you can undo and everything you do is pure CSS and Javascript. Super safe :)

  • Step 3:
    Publish Your Changes

    Once you are happy with your work and want everybody to see their new SharePoint sire, hit the Publish button. ShortPoint theme builder will now generate the final CSS and Javascript scripts and inject them to your SharePoint site using Microsoft recommended APIs.

  • Step 4:

    Congratulation! From now everyone will see your gorgeous new SharePoint site.

Power of The Theme Builder

  • Fonts and

    800+ of the most popular web fonts on the internet, with ability to add custom fonts, to let you apply your branding and identity guidelines precisely

  • Corporate

    Play with the colors as a real artist and make you SharePoint sites reflect your company culture and brand

  • Different

    Full width, frame and box layouts with many features to let you customize your SharePoint sites general layout in few clicks

  • Mobile

    Not just you can turn your SharePoint sites into responsive websites. You can customize how your sites will look on mobile devices

  • Intelligent

    Improve the user experience of your sites by adding beautiful preloaders

  • Responsive

    You do not have to do anything here. ShortPoint smart engine will make your work 100% responsive and mobile friendly

Branding Customizations Is Now Available
On Modern Pages

  • Change Fonts

    Changing fonts is now easier than ever on Modern Sites and Pages. Choose from 800+ most popular web fonts.

  • Color Palette

    Create and apply your brand colors to Modern SharePoint sites. Generate all shades of your brand color with a single click!

  • Hide and Show Elements

    Hide or show menu, ribbon, top menu, left menu and all other elements on your modern SharePoint site.

Live Action Demo Video

Open ShortPoint branding and site customization tool directly in your SharePoint site. Whether it is team site, intranet, extranet or even public facing SharePoint website. And start customizing and transform your sites into a masterpiece of web design

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  • Customers Favorites

    No Custom Master Pages. No Coding. 100% CSS & Javascript in the backend

    With ShortPoint you can build any theme on your site with the power of CSS and Javascript only. It will not change master page, page layouts or a single file in your site. Super safe and it will not break anything.

  • One Click Responsive

    Make your sites fully responsive and look amaizing on all devices just in one click instantly.

  • SharePoint Mobile Templates

    Control how your site will look on mobile devices. Create awesome mobile templates without efforts.

  • Floating Header

    Use ShortPoint Floating header options to make SharePoint Site Header in fixed location while scrolling.

  • Hide header on scroll

    You can also enable smart floating SharePoint header, to make it appear only when user scroll up a bit.

  • Site Layouts

    Full width, frame and box layouts with many features to let you customize your SharePoint sites general layout in few clicks

  • Search Box Styles

    Adjust your search box style in seconds without any efforts to look it nice.

  • Fonts And Typography

    800 Most Popular Web Fonts in the internet. Add custom fonts from Google Fonts, Adobe Typkit, and others

  • Color Palette

    Apply company branding colors using our color palette. Add transparency to your color if it needed

  • Hide Ribbon

    From now you can easy hide the ribbon and show it only when you need

  • Menu Controls

    Customize your menu style, colors, paddings and margins

  • Hide Elements

    Customize your menu style, colors, paddings and margins

  • Add Your Own Footer

    No need to add footer on every page separately. Just create your own in ShortPoint generator, and select it in theme builder. That’s it!

  • Intelligent Preloader

    Improve the user experience of your sites by adding beautiful preloaders

  • Move to Top

    No need to scroll long pages over and over again. Just click on this button – and you will reach the top of your page.

  • Publish

    Publish your work and changes in ONE CLICK so everybody in your team will see the new awesome design of their exsiting intranet.

  • Backgrounds

    Change background image and the colors
    for everything

    Hide And Show Elements

    Define what you want to show on your site and hide everething else

    Hide Ribbon

    From now you can easy hide the ribbon and show it only when you need

    Undo And Redo

    You can easy сome back to your previous design without loosing any options


    Themes Management

    You can create, modify or delete any theme you want easy and quick

    Site Layouts

    Change between frame, full width or box layouts. Control the width of your site


    Do not afraid to lose your changes if you accidentaly close your browser

    Devices Preview

    Check how your page looking on tablet and mobile devices

Live Preview

Our Live Demos Website is a SharePoint Site.
We used ShortPoint Theme Builder to Build it
with no coding


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Theme Builder Today

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