ShortPoint Connect
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Power BI ShortPoint Integration

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  • Different
    Connection Types

    Connect to hundreds of internal and external data sources with ShortPoint Connect feature.

  • Connect

    ShortPoint Connect feature included in every ShortPoint design element.

  • Connections

    Create your own connection and connect to any external source you want.

How it works
Simple steps how to connect your ShortPoint element to the external source

  • Step 1:
    Choose Connection Type

    Edit ShortPoint element you need to connect. Go to the “Connect” tab and select Connection Type.

  • Step 2:
    Select The Desired Content

    Choose the content you want to present in your ShortPoint element. If you are connecting to SharePoint content, make sure to select the View as well.

  • Step 3:

    After you select all the options you need – click the connect button.

  • Step 4:
    Map The Columns

    After your ShortPoint element connected, you need to map all the fields you want to show in your design.

  • Step 5:
    Save Your Page

    Finally! Now just publish your awesome page and the design will show dynamic results from the content source.

Easily connect your ShortPoints to the SharePoint lists and libraries


ShortPoint Connect

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ShortPoint Connections Types


Connect to assets stored in your current SharePoint site.


Connect to other sites and site collections in your tenancy. You will be suggested to choose the site collection, a site and a list or library stored there.

People in SharePoint Group

Source information from your site’s SharePoint Group users and their profiles.


Collect different types of data from the user profiles of your site and present it in ShortPoint design elements. Upcoming Birthdays, Anniversaries and much more.


Use this type of connection to present news and updates from other sites.


Interact remotely witht different types of data by using the REST web requests technology.


Easily access and manage the custom connections you have created in ShortPoint Dashboard Connections.

Coming Soon

We always improving our product by adding new featurs. Stay tuned and watch new connections soon)

  • Connect Manager

    Create your own connections and connect to any external source you want! Just go to the ShortPoint dashboard and select “Connections”

  • Other Sites Connect

    Connect your ShortPoint design elemnt to any subsite You want. Just choose a site from the current site collection.

  • External Integrations

    Integrate with all your Systems. ShortPoint can read data from all your systems. Integrate with all your cloud and on-premise applications with no coding.

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Connect Feature Today

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