ShortPoint Page Builder. Powerful & Flexible Builder to create Gorgeous SharePoint & SAP Pages with no coding

Extends your environment with 60+ Design Elements & Tons of features


ShortPoint Page Builder

ShortPoint Page Builder Extends Your Environment

Featherweight Installation
No Coding & No Custom Master Pages 

  • Unlimited Pages

    Design as many pages as you want. No limits to unleash your creativity.

  • Unlimited Changes

    Make the changes whenever you want and as many as you want.

  • Unlimited Sites

    There are no limitation in number of SharePoint sites you can build.

How it works
Activate ShortPoint on your Environment

Installing ShortPoint on your environment is a couple of minutes task. ShortPoint is 100% Javascript and CSS product and the installation will just add a reference to these files into your sites. Not a single file in your environment will be changed.

  • Step 1:
    Activate Insert Button

    Put your cursor anywhere on the page, then go to the insert tab. Here you will see new button called “Insert Button”

  • Step 2:
    Open Page Builder

    Open Page Builder by clicking on Insert Button. You will see many different elements you can use. All of them are categorized. Add the main element called section.

  • Step 3:
    Add Shortpoint

    Now start building your page. In the Page Builder find and choose the ShortPoint design element that you need, set some options and click “Insert”. That’s it!

Check out these pages
that were built using the ShortPoint Page Builder

Explore ShortPoint Page Builder Library

Be Creative – It’s ShortPoint

  1. Before
  2. After


Power of ShortPoint Page Builder

  • Live Preview

    Preview ShortPoint look before adding it to your website page

  • Connect

    Connects with all your contents within seconds

  • 60+ Elements

    Tiles, Tabs, Animation, Background videos, Toggle, Accordions and many others.

  • Responsive Layouts

    Create nice page structures using different columns layouts.

  • Copy/Paste

    You can easily copy every design element and paste it everywhere you want.

  • Spacing and Visibilty

    Control spacing between elements and how to present content on any device.

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  • Modern Pages Support

    Build awesome pages on SharePoint Modern UX using ShortPoint Page Builder.

  • Live Preview

    Before you save your page, preview your work and apply your changes instantly.

  • Custom CSS

    You can type custom CSS in the Page builder directly. Open any element settings, and check out the Custom CSS tab.

  • Actions With Rows Inside Section

    You can move rows up and down. Also you can add a new row everywhere inside a section, not only at the end of it.

  • Actions With Sections

    Define your own structure by adding, moving or removing sections like you want.

  • Column Layouts

    You can choose one of the predefined row or section column layouts to make your ideas real.

  • Shortpoint Actions

    Every Shortpoint you can dublicate or copy and paste in every place you want. Also you can preview and check how it actually looks now.

  • SharePoint Web Part

    You can add anything in the white areas. ShortPoint intelligently integrated with SharePoint editor, everything you used to do with SharePoint will work with ShortPoint. Users will not feel anyways that ShortPoint is installed.

    1. Before
    2. After
  • Custom CSS

    You can type custom CSS in the Page builder directly for any shortpoint element.

  • Performance

    Сache connections to improve the performance of your page by caching the data

  • Responsive

    Designed to look just fantastic on all devices, browsers and in every language.

ShortPoint Page Builder

  • Visibility

    Control on what devices you want to show your Shortpoint and to what people.

  • Custom Settings

    You can set custom settings for every shortpoint item separately

  • Full Screen Width

    You can make every shortpoint element with full screen width.

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