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Copy & Paste Magic Feature

Visit, copy anything and paste in your site.
Just make sure you have ShortPoint installed in your site.

Power BI ShortPoint Integration

Publish Awesome Intranet Designs Within Seconds

  • Tons of
    Demo Pages

    Copy from hundreds of intranet designs and paste in your sites in seconds.

  • Copy
    Single ShortPoint

    You can copy parts of the pages and combine to build your custom one.

  • Copy the
    Whole Page Design

    Copy the entire page design and paste.

How it works
Simple steps how to copy and paste any page designs to your site

  • Step 1:
    Open Demo Site

    Go to the Here we have our demo pages that you can copy and paste just in one click.

  • Step 2:
    Copy Single Part of the Page

    Open any page you like and click on the toggle that allows copying single part of the page on the top of the screen. This option allows you to copy some parts of the page that you like most.

  • Step 3:
    Copy The Whole Page Design

    You can also copy the whole page design. For this just click on the blue copy button on the top of the screen.
    That’s it:)

  • Step 4:
    Paste Copied Design on Classic Page

    Edit your site page where you have ShortPoint installed. Click in the editor to see your cursor and paste copied before page design. Feel free to edit everything you want. Make sure the area is empty before you paste.

  • Step 5:
    Paste Copied Design on Modern Page

    You can even paste your design on modern pages! From now ShortPoint support SPFx!

  • Step 6:
    Edit Page Design

    After you paste page design you can simply customize every single element how you want by using ShortPoint Page Builder.

  • Step 7:
    Save Your Page

    That’s it! Save your page to check your awesome results.

The fastest solution in the world to publish gorgeous intranet pages. We will upload more intranet demos and all you have to do is: Copy and Paste.

Check ShortPoint Live Demos

Live Action Demo Video

Visit ShortPoint demos website, at the top you will see ShortPoint copy tool bar. Activate the single page element copy or click on copy all page action.

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  • Copy From Other Actions

    No need to build the same elements over and over again. Just copy them from other actions, paste it in the place you want and modify if you need it.

  • Copy And Paste Between Platforms

    Office 365, SharePoint or SAP, no matter. You can easily copy and paste between them.

  • Hidden Feature
    Enable Copy and Paste Bar In Your Site!

    You can even enable ShortPoint copy and paste bar in your site.

    Try it now, type ?spcopy=1 at the end of the page URL.

    Or, If you want your design to be copied by someone, you can just add shortpoint-copy in the Custom CSS class. That’s it!

    For more information about this feature, check out this article.

Install ShortPoint and Try The
Copy & Paste Feature Today

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